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So yes we are going to look into How Much Money Is Betterhelp…gonna be talking about my personal experience with the online therapy apps better hope and talk space if you don’t know me my name is Chelsea and I plan to talk about mental health related topics so if that sounds like something that you’d be interested in then please consider subscribing so first I’m gonna talk about what better help and talk space actually are so these are both apps where you can receive online therapy through either your phone or your computer the method of therapy that’s used through these apps are texting voice messaging or video chat so once you go through the questionnaire and you choose a therapist you have access to a private chat room with them 24/7

apps like better help and talk space can really help people who may not have insurance people who may have a agoraphobia or experience triggers outside of the home people who don’t have a car and can’t commute to a therapist or those who are just more comfortable at home in their own setting and then that would help them to open up to the therapist even more than face-to-face therapy would so now I’m going to go into my personal experience with each app on butter help you can get individual teen or couples counseling the cost is 40 to 70 dollars a week and that’s billed monthly it depends on what type of counseling you get the couples counseling is going to be a little more expensive than individual so that’s kind of how they scale it so during the time that I was on better health I had three different counselors if you get a counselor that you don’t think is a good fit for you you can request a counselor change which I would highly recommend if you don’t like your counselor it’s very important to get somebody that you connect with and somebody that is actually there to help you the first counselor that I had on better help was a woman she seemed super sweet at first she was asking me questions why I was there what I wanted help

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with and I was telling her that I just wanted help with my general anxiety and that my panic attacks were getting way worse so I really wanted help with that she first suggested a few different coping techniques that we could try things like meditation and mindfulness and while those are great techniques for so many people those are just things that have not worked for me in the past maybe because I haven’t given them enough of a try or given them enough time but meditating makes me so anxious I cannot sit still my mind won’t stop racing I can’t do it but I told her this I explained to her that those are things that I’ve tried and they just didn’t work for me so she responded and said well if you’ve already tried everything I can’t help you so I requested a counselor change and I got my second counselor who was an older gentleman so on better help like I mentioned earlier you can most of it as texting but you can also video chat or voice message the first message that he sent me was wanting to set up a video chat and I wasn’t comfortable with that the whole reason that I was on better help in the first place was because I was too anxious to actually go to a therapist and sit in the office with someone face-to-face so I told him this I told him that… I wasn’t comfortable with that and he said oh that’s fine that’s something that we can work on and build towards to help you get to that point where you’re comfortable with it so I said okay that sounds great you know very helpful well every single day he requested it’s a video chat with me and I kept telling him that I wasn’t comfortable with that yet we hadn’t even really worked on anything and he just basically told me that I needed to get over my fear so that we could talk face-to-face I didn’t message him back after that I quickly requested a counselor change once again and I had my third counselor who was a super-sweet girl she was probably around my age we started texting and she was very very nice I could tell that she was very attentive and really listening to me but I think that was about it I kind of felt like I was texting a friend more than a counselor so I didn’t really want to pay $40 to text someone that I could get the same response from my boyfriend or from one of my friends so that was the last counselor that I had on better help I figured after three counselors

I didn’t really like it it wasn’t gonna work for me so next I want to talk about my experience with talk space talk space also has individuals couples and teen counseling but their costs are a little bit different than better health so there are three different packages you can get I guess you could say for unlimited texting video and voice messaging it is 179 dollars a month which comes out to be $49 weekly so the next year up from that gets you unlimited text voice and video messaging and it also gets you one live session every month with your therapist and that is two hundred and thirty six dollars a month which comes out to be $59 weekly the next year up from that gets you unlimited text voice and video messaging plus four live sessions with your therapist every month and that is three hundred and sixteen dollars a month or $79 a week so talk space is one that I just most recently had I actually only ended up having one therapist on talk space and she was amazing I loved her so much she was very professional she helped me so much she gave me a lot of valuable things to take with me as coping skills she was funny she was personable she was just like great the reason that I left talk space is because it got too expensive for me to keep up with I’m a full-time student in college and the only thing that I do for money is walking dogs on the side so one hundred and ninety-six dollars was expensive for me I needed to find a therapist that was going to take my insurance so I wouldn’t have to pay anything which is very unfortunate because I really loved my therapist and I told her that when I left even when you stopped your subscription

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to the apps you still get access to that chat room with your therapist and so I can go back and read all the messages that she sent me all the coping techniques that she gave me ways to change my mindset so I have saved those I’ve screen shot at everything that she sent me it really helps when I’m having a panic attack or when I’m really anxious one day I go back and look at those messages and she see what she’s told me to do in the past and I just keep doing that because it has been working I do recommend that if you have a severe or prolonged mental illness to seek in-person therapy I personally think that these apps are just a way to kind of ease in to therapy but if you are really really struggling with How Much Money Is Betterhelp.